Resilience & Recovery

The impact of COVID-19 is enormous, and not yet predictable, in both income and supply chains. Let's act now!

Resilience & Recovery brings with it new business models and opportunities, for example, new concepts of delivering services. This gives hope to the tourism sector at this stage. Stay positive, stay focused, and stay on top of your financial situation.

We can support your company in mitigating cash and working capital issues; this means saving operational costs.

We can guide you through implementing international protocols defined by the Hotel & Tourism industry, demonstrating to guests, leisure, and corporate bookers that your business has achieved a recognized and standard protocol.

Companies will prefer accommodations and meeting facilities with an internationally recognized protocol instead of just a domestic one. Hotels are already being asked to meet high standards of cleaning, training workers according to the new guidelines, upgrading air ventilation, and social-distancing, among others.

The only way to guarantee this to international bookers is to add to the national protocols, requested by law, a voluntary international COVID-19 protocol defined for the International Hotel & Tourism Industry.

COVID-19 international protocols recommended for the Travel & Tourism industry:

EarthSafe | EarthCheck Research Institute (Free of Charge)

Save-Travel | World Travel & Tourism Council (Free of Charge)

We attend other sectors