WE ARE professionals SERVING professionals

Green Partner’s strength lies in our on-the-ground experience. We know and understand very well your constraints, obstacles and where to find really practical and efficient solutions in your operations.

Our team has experience in a range of business sectors and in particular in the service sector, we are already known as creative problem solvers, with great energy and desire to improve efficiency within an organisation and an understanding of the critical value of inspiring people to high levels of performance.

Our team has over 25 years in the service industry with experience in a variety of management and operational roles. We have gained valuable knowledge in this field by training people and applying our own theories to achieve real results.

This new approach, combined with on-the-ground experience, was the trigger for the birth of Green Partner, a company focused solely on sustainability, green certification, water reduction, energy efficiency, circular economy, CSR, SDGs, ESGs and green bonds, giving our team the possibility to share and implement our vision with a holistic and practical approach.

“Let’s help companies! We know what to do because we have been in their shoes”.

“Many companies can advise you on what you need to do! But I can assure you that many of them have never been in your shoes”.

Andres Fellenberg Van Der Molen

Managing Director

Green Partner