Water Flow Reduction

Your hotel can reduce the water flow and save cost in a fast way, with a return on investment of 30 to 60 days.
Water flow is the amount of water that you are able to get through your taps and have nothing to do with the water pressure that you have in the property.

Do you know exactly the water flow of your rooms, showers, toilets, kitchen, spa etc.?

If you don’t know,  Green Partner can help you!
We supply to hotels different type of solutions to reduce your water flow which automatically save you cost.
A Hotel shower should have a water flow of 9 litres and a tap 5 litres maximum per minute. The key factor in water flow reduction is to do not affect the experience of the guest during the stay.

What Green Partner can do: 
• Water flow Audit of your hotel.
• Calculation of how much water you can save per year.
• Provide you with reducers and eco showers to reduce your water flow.
• Green Partner Yearly Water flow surveillance program.

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