Pre-Audit Service

If you have implemented a Green or ISO Certification by yourself, and you are not sure if you have followed or interpreteded the criteria and requirements correctly, Green Partner can deliver a pre-audit to your company and evaluate your work.

A pre-audit is the first step in the process of an audit. During a pre-audit, the full company, individual documents, and evidence are examined to ensure that all information is correct before the company undergoes an official audit. The pre-audit process can be done by employees of the company or professionally via Green Partner. At Green Partner, accredited auditors will evaluate with "auditor’s eyes", the current level of compliance of your company and discloses the company’s non-conformities and will provide advice on how to amend it.

Green Partner acts on behalf of the company rather than a certification body.

Don’t take any risk! Let us filter any non-compliance before the visit of the auditor.

For more detailed information contact us so we can explain what we can do for your company before the official-audit takes place.