2016 GSTC European Regional Meeting

November 2016, Athens, Greece – The GSTC European Regional Meeting in Athens, Greece, took place on 23-24 November 2016, with 200 participants, including many GSTC members and GSTC Board members, coming from 16 countries.

The event brought a rare opportunity of face-to-face discussions on the subjects of the event sessions: Sustainability Standards and Programs for European Tourism; European Best Practices for Sustainable Management of Destinations and Enterprises; Marketing Sustainable Tourism in European Destination; The Value of a Global Sustainability Brand for Greece Tourism; and Applying Standards and Certifications to Destinations and Enterprises.

The conference was greeted by GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini, followed by a keynote speech by the Bank of Greece Chief Economist Dimitris Malliaropulos on climate change challenges and the role of sustainable tourism in Greece’s new growth model. Destinations Certification in Greece was then explained by the Mayor of Milos Island and President of the Tourism Board of Central Union of Greek Municipalities Gerasimos Damoulakis.

“Europe is the oldest and most visited destination with over half of tourists worldwide visiting one of its countries.” says GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini. “Sustainability is therefore essential in order to manage the impacts of tourism flows. The GSTC meeting in Athens has shown that several tourism actors are committed to and putting into practice sustainable tourism models.”

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