Legionella Prevention

As a hotel you are obliged to use a BRL 6010 certified legionella prevention agency since 2011. For hotels, stricter rules apply because a hotel is considered a 'priority institution'. Priority institutions are locations where people regularly come with a reduced immune system.
Priority institutions, hotels, are obliged to carry out management tasks and maintenance of the drinking water installation. The obligations include:

• Periodic sampling
• Periodic valve control
• Remove sediment and clean stock devices
• Periodic temperature measurements

All this has to be kept in the Legionella Logbook. The digital logbook has been developed to keep track of the management tasks. Green Partner has the opportunity to fully or partially unburden you in this. Green Partner works together with Meves B.V. in different projects and hotels. Meves B.V is certified in accordance to the BRL 6010 standard via Kiwa for conducting risk analyses and drawing up management plans for legionella.