EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Since 1987, they have been helping businesses, communities and governments to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and healthy destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. EarthCheck understands the value of big ideas and the importance of clear communication. They know what is good for the planet but also what is good for a business.

EarthCheck is a muli-sector certification company, that covers not only hotels. Contact us so we can provide you with more information.

Below you will find the sectors where EarthCheck Certification is applicable:

Accomodations Tour company Restaurant
Administration office Trailer park Schools
Airport Cruise liner Hospitals
Attraction Cruise vessel Spa
Brewery Shopping centre Theme park
Buildings Supermarket Taxi company
Casino Souvenir shops Vehicle rental
Catering services Exhibition hall Visitor centre
Convention centre Golf course Zoo
Tour operator Destinations Marina